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Dear Readers:

Many of you have come to us in need of help, you have been helped by Houston Citywide Baptist Brotherhood Union down through the years.  Donations to your growth in preaching opportunities, musical and seminary scholarships, as well as donations of libraries to seminaries to further your studies and education. Thank you for that profound act of trust. Now we come to you, humbly, to ask for your help in turn. The cause for helping our youth and elderly, here in our communities, needs you. Will you consider becoming its champion … by making a gift?” 



                     How To Make Your First Givelify Donation?

   1. Download the free Givelify App

   2. Search for “Houston Citywide Baptist Brotherhood Union”

   3. Tap my place of worship

   4. Tap the give button

   5. Tap an amount

   6. Select an envelope

   7. Tap give now

   8. Create your account

   9. Enter payment information




Houston Citywide Prayer Line:

Every Saturday Morning: 5:40 A.M.

Call Toll Free: 712-775-7016

ID#: 716352270.

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Our Main Office (Houston):
2420 Cleburne Street
Houston,Texas 77004
Our Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 321231
Houston,Texas 77221
Tel: 832-409-1757
Fax: 281-240-7141
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